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Due to the large amount of classified ads on the internet, we will no longer be listing 
any dogs for sale on this page, unless it is an emergency situation etc.

We are adding links to several places that you can purchase cocker related things, as well as groups to
join if looking to purchase a Cocker Spaniel, or discuss Cockers and so on.

*NOTE-Sales and information is strictly between seller and buyer
Please do your own screening

Facebook Discussion Groups for Cockers
(Show, Pet, Colors, Genetics, etc)
*You will have to be approved to join most of these
Pet Discussion Rescue Show Prospects Available Show List Discussion Genetics and Health &
Color Genetics
Cocker Articles Available Cockers Available
*Note Well bred to a few mixes--Screen your seller
The very 1st Cocker list/group on the internet!
Still has a presence at yahoogroups, but a former member (RIP) added it to Facebook too
No breeder ads, please.
Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Houston, Texas
Cocker Spaniel Pets & Show Prospects From Around The Globe
Pets, show prospects, retired, older show dogs availble from health tested lines.Must be approved to join
Show list that's been around around 20 years online.We added an offshoot to Facebook as well. Discussion of anything related to cockers and the show world. Must be approved to join and be known by someone in the group.Mainly USA & Canada but we are open to and  have many show breeders worldwide on there as well. American Cocker Spaniels only, please
The Cocker College
A closed group (approval only) for discussion and help with funds for health research on the American Cocker.
Cocker Spaniel Collectibles For Sale/Wanted Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale/Wanted All Varieties
Closed group
All colors and patterns 
show lines pet lines
Cocker Spaniel
Very large group mostly pets and both English & American Cockers. Run by pet owners from India, Hungry and the USA
Cocker Spaniel
500+ members.Mostly a rescue/dogs in need group for cocker and cocker mixes
Roan American Cockers
Dedicated to preserving and showing the Roan American Cocker Spaniel All discussion related to roan welcome.Geared for the show crowd worldwide, based in the USA (part of ShowCockers)
Canine Genetics and Coat Color The Cocker College Pass It On Library
Donating Cocker Magazines, Books and literature with funds to go for cocker cataract research
Cocker Spaniels in Missouri and Surrounding States
Puppies and dogs available.No mixes
Cocker Spaniel 
Owners & Lovers
Large Pet group from the UK
Charlotte Cocker Spaniel Rescue Fundraisers
Many articles for sale to help cockers in need in the rescue in North Carolina
Sable American Cockers
A discussion group dedicated to the sable patterned American Cocker Spaniel (ONLY) with the hope of eventually getting them allowed back into the USA show ring. Mostly USA and Canadian show crowd but open to all SHOW fanciers worldwide (part of ShowCockers)
Quality cocker spaniel puppies for sale and brag page
Cockers for sale, many from overseas. Health tested dogs only.
Jim Zim's Cocker Group
This was one of the 1st Cocker groups on the internet and been moved to Facebook Public Group and NO breeder ads period!!
Cockers in Sport
Discussion group about Cockers who participate in Agility, Obedience, Tracking, Hunting, Rally, Flyball and so on
The Merle Cocker GROUP
Pet & performance group as well as discussion about the merle cocker spaniel. Only breeders who do health testing allowed to post available puppies This is a take off from the original Merle Cocker list on yahoogroups.
Where's the MAJOR? Cocker Spaniels (Parti-Colored)
USA parti owners discussion group about making and/or finding majors at the shows coming up
American Cocker Spaniel Club
Show list in Italy
American Cockers in Latvia
Show list in Latvia
Cocker Spaniels Of Yesteryear
Photos and discussion of the American Cockers behind our current cockers