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Handling and learning to handle a Cocker can be a real experience in itself.

There is no ONE correct way to do this since all people and dogs are different.

This page has names of Cocker Handlers who can assess and handle your dogs for you.

If you have any tips you think would benefit others, 
please send it on.



Take them around... one last time

by Maryellen Nichols

Someday (when, you can't be sure),
you will knock on heaven's door.
Then how small or great your sin,
you'll take a quiz to be let in.
So now before this life is through,
here's a test. See how you'll do!

Did you spend lots of time with scoop,
searching for each piece of poop?
Did every single thing you wear,
match or contrast with doggie hair?
Buff or chocolate, red or blue,
to give the judge a better view?

Did you stay up all hours to help,
Your own or some friend's bitch in whelp?
While on earth was it your fate,
to witness many a "doggie date"?

Was the only thing you drove for ages,
chosen to hold the most cages?
Did you keep liver everywhere?
Right in your mouth! You did not care?

When you met good friends face to face,
did they just ask you "how'd you place"?
Have you stood in heat and rain?
Endured every ache and pain?

Drunk coffee cold and soda hot,
and sat in many a porta-pot?
Did you face this kind of thing,
for just a minute in the ring?

Did all you own have dog hair in it?
Yet, you would never trade a minute,
with those who gave you selfless love.
Have you answered "yes" to the above?
They'll let you in heaven without hesitating.
Expect to be welcomed... your dogs are waiting...