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We are making wickets using PVC pipe. I made one that is 
designed on the order of the official AKC wicket, 
adjustable so you can tell the dog's actual height. It turned out so well
that I decided to make more and offer them for sale. 

If you have ever checked the price of AKC's you will be stunned at the
high price. Our club, more than ten years ago paid well over $150.

With my husband Larry's help, I can make them and ship them to the
US for $30, including shipping, for the smaller one that measures
dogs from 11 to 17 inches, and for $35 for one that will measure
between 17 and 30 inches.

*Non US orders would have to be priced according to the postal rates to that country

If you or your club is interested, please e-mail me at